The Villager

Ciawi, West Java


Feel the peace atmosphere of Village through Harper, Ciawi. (**Lie in 36.478 m2 green area with 20.000 m2 condotel area). Surrounding by agro-tourism and memorise of your childhood.

    Ciawi is a sub-district in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Bogor is located 59 km south of Jakarta, and its territory is located in the center of Bogor Regency. Bogor has grown from 21.56 km2 to 118.50 km2 with a population of 1,030,720 people (2014).

    According to a legend, previously Ciawi sub-district was the name of a region namely Surantaha. But after the upheaval between the two leaders of different beliefs, in the end the name Suran- taha was changed to Ciawi from Sundanese, namely "Ci" means Water and "Awi" means Bamboo. This name is influenced by an event at that time where there is bamboo that emits water.

    The Ciawi community upholds Islamic religious values represented in daily life. How they interact between citizens and immigrants is based on the provisions in Islam.

    Another history says, at 1745, the Dutch built the Bogor Palace along with the construction of the "Daendels" highway that connected Batavia to Bogor. Bogor was planned as an agricul- tural area and a place to rest for the Governors General at that time due to its strategic location and surrounded by natural mountains which could become a refuge.

The biggest potential of Bogor Regency is the agriculture which consists of food crops, vegetables, horticulture and plantations. Rice food crops spread almost in all districts, generally in the central and northern regions. Ciawi is one of the horticultural farming villages such as ornamental plants.

The Villager

Ciawi, West Java


Site Plan

  • Lobby
  • Function & Ball Room
  • Deluxe
  • Sky Resto
  • Superior & Junior Suite
  • Invinity Pool
  • Fitness  & Spa
  • Villa
  • Riverside View
  • Glass House
  • Paddy Fields
  • Parking Area

Swimming Pool

So Many things worth you can do at Harper Ciawi. Beside you could play a kite in the valley of Ciawi and full your quality time with agro-tourism activity, by refresh the moment by enjoying swim with forest view.

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